5 Foolproof Ways to Remove Chalk Marker from Your Chalkboard

Have you ever used a chalk marker on your chalkboard, only to find out that it's difficult to remove? Chalk markers are a popular alternative to traditional chalk, but they can leave behind ghosting and stains that are tough to erase. Fortunately, we've got you covered with these five foolproof ways to remove chalk marker from your chalkboard. Say goodbye to those pesky stains and hello to a clean chalkboard!

how to get chalk marker off a chalkboard

Method 1: Water and a Cloth

One of the easiest ways to remove chalk marker from your chalkboard is with water and a cloth. Simply dampen the cloth and gently rub the area until the marker is removed. This method is ideal for smaller stains and can be done quickly and easily.

Method 2: Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is another effective way to get chalk marker off a chalkboard. Apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to a cloth and rub the stained area until it is removed. This method is more effective than water and is best for larger stains.

Method 3: Vinegar and Water

Vinegar and water is another powerful cleaning solution that can be used to Erase Chalk Marker from your chalkboard. Mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and apply the solution to the stained area. Let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe away the solution with a clean cloth.

Method 4: Magic Eraser

Magic Erasers are a popular cleaning tool that can be used to remove chalk marker from your chalkboard. Wet the Magic Eraser and gently scrub the stained area until the marker is removed. This method is ideal for tougher stains that won't come off with water or vinegar.

Method 5: Commercial Chalkboard Cleaner

If all else fails, you can try using a commercial chalkboard cleaner to remove chalk marker from your chalkboard. These cleaners are specifically designed to remove stubborn stains and ghosting from chalkboards. Simply follow the instructions on the label and use as directed.

chalk marker remover

How to Remove Liquid Chalk from Wood

While liquid chalk markers are great for many surfaces, it can be difficult to remove from wood. If you've accidentally gotten liquid chalk on your wooden furniture or flooring, don't worry! Here's a simple way to remove it:

  1. Use a clean, dry cloth to remove as much of the liquid chalk as possible.
  2. Apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to a clean cloth.
  3. Gently rub the stained area until the liquid chalk is removed.
  4. Repeat as necessary until the stain is completely gone.
  5. Once the stain is removed, wipe the area with a clean, damp cloth and dry it thoroughly.

What Types of Surfaces Are Good for Liquid Chalk?

Liquid Chalk is super versatile, bright, and offers so many color choices.  They’re perfect for bistro signs, chore boards, glass, chalkboards, sidewalks, and wood. 

But surfaces are very important when it comes to removing Liquid Chalk Markers.  First, you need to determine your desired outcome. Do you want your liquid chalk pen to be permanent, or removable?

Any porous surface will give a permanent effect to your chalk marker or chalk paint.  This is because the liquid of the pen is able to seep into the “pores” of the surface making it hard to remove.  Most often, a matte finish will be porous. Examples of porous surfaces include:

  • Wood
  • Chalkboards (some are more porous than others)
  • Concrete
  • Paper
  • Fabric
  • Walls with a matte finish

For an easy, erasable surface using liquid chalk go ahead and use any “non-porous” surface.  Some great examples of non-porous surfaces are:

  • Glass
  • Dry Erase Boards
  • Glossy Ceramic Finishes
  • Metal
  • Gloss Vinyl


Is Liquid Chalk OK for Dry Erase Boards?

Yes, any smooth, non-porous dry erase board that is made for dry erase markers will easily wipe away liquid chalk with a damp cloth!  If you find any residue left behind from the chalk paint, a commercial dry erase spray will help clean it up.

how to remove chalk marker from chalkboard

Now that you know how to remove chalk marker from your chalkboard and how to clean up liquid chalk from wood, you can keep your surfaces looking clean and fresh. And remember, when it comes to dry erase boards, stick to regular dry erase markers for the best results. With these tips, you'll be able to keep your surfaces looking their best!


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