About Us

We are two Besties who have been hanging out for...who knows how long!  We've had babies, play dates, family camping trips, and lots of business adventures together. Between the two of us, we have EIGHT kids!!  So we definitely know what it's like to need some FAMILY ORGINIZATION!


Jen has the most contagious laugh, and can light up any room.  She is mom to four awesome kiddos.  She loves camping with her hubby & family, dirt biking (yep, she can totally do that!), and Diet Dr. Pepper.  Jen is a super sweet and patient person...especially with Caitland ;)


Caitland is the non-daring introvert (so no, she does not dirt bike).  She also has four awesome kiddos.  She loves going to Disneyland with her family, anything artsy, and is totally addicted to Chocolate ice cream, & Diet Mountain Dew.

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