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Family Chore Chart for Multiple Kids - Sketch Design Grey

Family Chore Chart for Multiple Kids - Sketch Design Grey

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Are chores turning your household into a battleground? Say goodbye to the drama and welcome harmony with Jennakate's magnetic, dry erase chore boards.

 Spark Cooperation: Our Family Chore Chart for Multiple Kids make chores a team effort, inspiring kids to contribute and parents to cheer them on.

 Foster Responsibility: Watch your children shine as they take ownership of their chores list and develop lifelong values of accountability.

 Create Excitement: Our vibrant, customizable designs turn daily tasks into exciting missions, sparking enthusiasm and motivation.

  • Large 17x14
  • TWO CHILD - Encourage your Children to work together with this convenient Family Chores Chart.
  • Durable 
  • Highest grade 30 mil Magnet
  • Heavy-duty coat of Lamination
  • Will Not slip or slide off of your magnetic surface! 
  • Easy to erase
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Mary DuBois

I need something for 4 kids! I looked at all of the products and don’t see anything that would work. Will you be coming out with something for larger families?

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