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Magnetic Chore List for Kids - Chalkboard Design Chore Chart

Magnetic Chore List for Kids - Chalkboard Design Chore Chart

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Struggling to get your kids to do their chores? Magnetic Chore charts are the solution! This Chore List for Kids serves as a visual reminder bringing structure and fun to the process.

With clear responsibilities outlined, your child will feel a sense of ownership and accomplishment as they tick off tasks. Plus, magnetic chore lists establish routine and accountability, teaching important life skills. But that's not all! By implementing a reward system alongside chore charts, you can motivate your kids to complete their tasks with enthusiasm. Offering incentives for their efforts will turn chores into an exciting opportunity to earn rewards. Say goodbye to the uphill battle and hello to a smooth chore routine with a Chore List for Kids and a motivating reward system!

It includes daily and weekly chores, as well as a rewards tracker to incentivize your child's progress.  Also great for teens and adults. The classic Chalkboard Design compliments the décor of any home. 

  • Large 11x14 
  • Durable Magnetic Chore Chart
  • Highest grade 30 mil flexible magnet
  • Dry Erase - Use again & again!
  • Will Not slip or slide off of your magnetic surface! 
  • Easy to erase
  • Included reward system
  • Daily & weekly chores list

*We suggest our liquid chalk markers for visibility

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Holly Larsson
Problem solved

I ordered these and part of our order was missing. They company was great and got it corrected ASAP. The hoards are cute and my kids love them!!!!

Holly Larsson
Did not ship all my order

I ordered three boards and only received two.

Hi, I'm so sorry to hear this. We will be sure to get you taken care of.

Erika Stevens



This chore chart is perfect and very high quality, I definitely recommend it!


Great chore chart

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